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Mitchell Zen, Understanding Life

Mitchell is a Psychosomatic Zen Practitioner and has redefined the philosophies within this 21st century, enabling the knowledge of personal peace and mental health homeostasis is achievable. Zen Mitchell projects a journey for personal peace, through the processes of academic and empirical knowledge - A Cultural Sense of Awareness of something more profound than Societies Externalities. (Practitioner: a person actively engaged in an art, discipline, or profession, which involves in this case the communication between body and mind)

As Mitchell Zen found, the processes involved in finding our own sense of peace within starts with "rejecting what society projects as the absolute" and delve into "how and why" we operate as a human. This involves studying our own "Psychosomatics" - the communication between our mind and body. From here we can gain an appreciation of "why we are the way we are," and take steps to find our own personal peace within - in this world of complexities.

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Seeking Pleasure in Life does not Lead Towards the Understanding of our True-Self. Society has Structured a Negative Belief about Pleasure for the Basis of Economic Stability. This Ultimately Leads to a Fractured Society of Abnormalities Permeating Within our Population. This Video evokes an Understanding of Self-Peace within a Realm to Understand Your Life through the Depth of Understanding Your-Self.

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"An Introduction to the Philosophies of Mitchell Zen"

"The Pure Level of Self is when You Touch an Energy Field Separate from Societies Influences" 
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Mitchell Zen is a writer of esoteric subjects that relate 

to our psyche, and our processing through our psyche, of the society that is out there.
Location NSW Australia

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The Eureka Flag is a symbol of independence; of courage and a determination, to preserve basic human principles; leading to personal liberty, for personal fulfillment in life. The five stars are a constellation of a group of stars that forms a pattern on the celestial sphere in the southern sky – the southern cross.

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"The Development of the Character of Emotion"

Takes you on a Journey from Child in Uterus, towards the Early Years to Adolescence, and Adulthood, and then End of Life. Understanding the growth of Self via the Emotions of others, giving One the Autonomy to Understand Self, and Child and Live Life with more Understanding and Purpose.

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"Understanding Anxiety & Depression in Our Society"

A Graphic Journey Outlining the Causes of Anxiety & Depression in Our Society, and How to Change Lives Towards a More Fulfilling Life.

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"Conscious Vs Consciousness - The Two Aspects of Ourselves"

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A journey of Understanding our Two Selves, and Lives, Within our Society, and the Complex Issues that Society Impacts on us.
Together with an Understanding of Finding Personal Peace and Enlightenment with Our Psyche. Includes Two Confronting Reality Stories from our Australian Society.

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