Transcript Of Video - Mitchell Zen. Philosophy Introduction

Welcome to my introductory video for Mitchell Zen. Future videos will be visual representations of my written web page articles, and more. To introduce my complete philosophy is not possible in this introductory video. I will just mention some aspects. This video will take you through a journey of within and the relationship to what is out there. Future videos will cover the subject matters in more detail. 

Many years ago, I realized something wasn’t quite right with living in our society. There had to be more than surviving, achieving, competing, materialism, wanting and needing.

And for many, the insatiable desire for excitement and pleasure in life.

And we must not forget the complex issues of anxieties, stress and confusion for many. 

There had to be something else and in time I found there was.

After much empirical and academic knowledge, and even more time thinking, I found that life is about peace, contentment and belonging to something more profound than what we see in society. It is not about what society offers. It is about finding, and then being in touch with our inner divine nature intelligence. It is where all our needs and wants dissolve enabling a new more enlightened Self. 

This is separate to societies influences. With this personal peace knowledge, we are able to make clear important and informed choices about our life, rather than following what society projects as the absolute life.

To start this process, it is necessary to question everything you had thought was life; everything taught, and everything that revolves around our mechanistic society. 

Studying psychosomatics is fundamentally important, as this is how we learn how our body and mind communicates. It also gives us the understanding of how our body operates and how our brain functions. With this knowledge we can begin to find the knowledge of Self and why we are the way we are.

Many people are unaware there is a difference between personality and behaviour. Personality must be isolated from behaviour, as in many instances of life behaviour is driven by a primitive emotion programmed within us over the years as a primitive survival response and are not a true indicator of our true Self. These can have a very negative directive influence on our life.
Your emotional reactions today are related to your programmed past and if not understood become negative influences over a lifetime. Reactions are detrimental to Self and others around you. They are negative. Children psychologically suffer, and carry this into their adolescent life and into adulthood.
The one thing to remember is you are not who you really think you are. You have been born, taught and conditioned to believe it is you and this has influenced your growth of personality and behaviour. You are also part of a long list of genetic ancestors where each have influenced your Self, starting in uterus, and throughout your growth in life.

We all have our personal divine nature intelligence. Knowing this and activating this, overrides and regulates emotion and provides us with the ability to stop and think, and in turn think coherently. Giving you the ability to assess your life with a calmness that is essential to a change in life. It gives us autonomy over our life and provides us with the impetus development to be the true person we really are and want to be. This is separate to conditioning and separate to societal life.

One of the components to achieve Self-Peace is to listen and observe yourself as you function through life. Be patient with this. Listen to how you think, behave, respond, communicate and also be an observer of others. Build on this knowledge of Self calmly and you will grow within.

You can only find yourself by being by yourself. I call this Zen time. A time of self-meditation. A time to listen to yourself and observe yourself in peaceful surroundings with nature. Combining the essential ingredients to understand will develop your appreciation of your True Self.

And to also spend time alone with nature because this is your natural resource for Self-Connection. It is a time to reflect and observe your thoughts and your life during these times. You may find this confronting because your life has been based on doing things rather than thinking. Remember, you have become accustomed to a life you thought was right. It is now time to re-evaluate if you want your Self-Peace.

Growth and change take time and with focus, attention and knowledge about Self, you can build on this academic and empirical knowledge you have gathered, to find the inner person you desire.

Stop, Think and be Patient.

Life is not solely about society pleasures or excitement or superficial wants and needs. Life is about changing to find personal peace, contentment and belonging so you are able to make coherent and stable choices in life. It is not about what you see out there in our society, but rather what is inside us all. It is about knowing yourself, outside of nurturing and conditioning. Life is about finding Your true Self and the person that is untouched by society influences.

My future videos will explain this in more detail, and provide examples taken from society life.

One of these videos is called "A Paradigm Shift to a New Reality." It tells the story of a personal paradigm to achieve the life we search for and are presently unable to find.

Another is called “Conscious Vs Consciousness. The two aspects of ourselves.” It tells graphic personal stories of how the conscious self can disrupt everyone’s life and why it is necessary to find your consciousness, which is within us, to provide the balance in our life.

"The Development of the Character of Emotion" explains how a child is affected by life from within the uterus and continues during the early years towards adolescence and the movement into adult life. Does that picture tell a story you are familiar with in your life? It is a confronting analysis for all parents and adults who need to understand their negative influences on children and how this affects the child throughout their life.

One of the other important ingredients of finding Self is to study and understand your childhood. To go back and confront it, even if you find it traumatic. In time it will be liberating for you and provide you with more autonomy and understanding of your adult life. 

This picture is of me, growing up in country NSW, without TV and all the devices of today. It was a simple life, a pleasant, free and secure life. Where one wage could pay off a mortgage and there was full-time employment when we left school. This gave everyone hope and provided fulfillment in life. It’s a lot different today isn’t it? I wrote my story about this life and it is featured on my web site. I plan to make a You-Tube video of this life also.

Everyone of us desires a sense of contentment, peace, and belonging in life. Part of this is to learn about yourself and why you are the way you are. 

I hope this Mitchell Zen introduction will provide a type of impetus for you to start and reach your inner Self, gain a more understanding about your life, and appreciate life with a more calm and peaceful appreciation of life.

I can tell you now: “It is worth the effort and the journey.”

(c) Mitchell Zen 

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